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DUOPACK AK-I (cut) + AK-II (loop) Tufting Machines

DUOPACK AK-I (cut) + AK-II (loop) Tufting Machines

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AK Cut Pile & Loop Pile Tufting Gun Duo Pack

The absolute classics in one duo pack! This exclusive deal includes both the AK-I Cut Pile Tufting Gun and the AK-II Loop Pile Tufting Gun. Get ready to take your tufting game to the next level with this unbeatable combination.

Cut Pile Tufting Gun - Proven Model

This cut pile tufting machine is the absolute classic when it comes to tufting. Widely used in the industry, among hobbyists, and artists, it has gained popularity for its proven track record of simplicity and reliability. This machine is loved by many for its ease of use and exceptional performance.

Loop Pile Tufting Gun - Unique and Captivating

Elevate your tufting projects with the AK-II Loop Pile Tufting Gun. This machine creates loop pile carpets with a condensed and flat appearance, adding a unique visual weight to your designs. Experience the versatility and captivating beauty of loop pile tufting.

100% Ready to Use

The tufting machines are delivered fully assembled and ready to use. Begin your tufting journey immediately, whether you're a beginner or a professional. These machines are user-friendly and easy to learn, making them suitable for everyone.

Note: Tufting machines are industrial tools with sharp parts. Always use caution and follow safety guidelines when operating.


  • Voltage: AC 100-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60HZ
  • Power: 70W
  • Speed range: 5-40 stitches per second
  • Staple height range: 7-21mm
  • The machines come with an EU plug by default


Maintaining your tufting machines is simple. Regularly dust and clean the machines to keep them in optimal condition. Lubricate all moving parts as recommended in the user manual for smooth and efficient operation.

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