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Cotton twill tape heringbone

Cotton twill tape heringbone

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Cotton Twill Tape for Hand-Tufted Rug Backing: The No-Frill Cover-Up Solution in Classic Grey and white herringbone pattern

Product Overview:

Elevate the appearance of your hand-tufted rug with our Cotton Twill Tape in Classic Black. Specifically designed to provide a refined finish while concealing frills and loose ends, this premium-grade tape is your go-to for a durable, elegant solution. Although not self-adhesive, this twill tape offers superior strength and style and is easy to apply with glue or by sewing.


Material Excellence:

  • 100% Cotton: Manufactured from high-quality cotton fibers, this twill tape is both soft and durable, standing up to years of wear and tear.

Classic Black Design:

  • Universal Appeal: Its classic grey and white color not only complements a variety of rug styles but also exudes sophistication.

Versatile Application:

  • Non-Adhesive: Ideal for those who prefer sewing or using their choice of adhesive for application.

Secure & Durable:

  • High Strength: Made to last, our cotton twill tape provides a secure, long-lasting hold when properly applied.

Wide Range of Uses:

  • In addition to being perfect for hand-tufted rugs, this versatile tape is great for crafts, upholstery, and various DIY projects.


  • Non-Toxic: Made from eco-friendly materials, it's safe for children and pets alike.


  • Width: 4 cm.
  • Length: Sold in rolls of 70 meter, or per meter.
  • Color: Grey/white

Application Instructions:

  1. Make sure the rug's back is clean and dry.
  2. Cut the twill tape to the desired length.
  3. Position the tape along the rug's backside.
  4. Allow sufficient time for any adhesive to dry or for stitches to set before using or moving the rug.

Why Choose Our Cotton Twill Tape?

  • Offers a refined, professional finish for your hand-tufted rugs.
  • Made from 100% natural cotton for an eco-friendly, durable choice.
  • Classic grey color enhances the overall aesthetic of your rugs.

When it comes to giving your hand-tufted rugs a polished, professional look, our Cotton Twill Tape in Classic Black is the high-quality, versatile choice. Order yours today and experience the elegant transformation!

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