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AK-III pneumatic tufting machine

AK-III pneumatic tufting machine

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Level up

Are you looking to level up your tufting game and make high pile rugs? Then you will love this AK III pneumatic tufting machine. This AK-III pneumatic tufting machine works with an aircompressor (not included) and comes with various size needles giving you a huge range in pileheight.

Cut and loop

The AK III Tufting machine is a cut and loop tufting machine. Cut pile involves the machine cutting the yarn as it is pushed through the cloth so that it has a longer, more textured finish. Loop pile carpet is not cut between stitched and typically has a more condensed/ flat appearance. In this gun you will find both so you won't need to choose between a cut and loop pile tufting gun that will suit your expected course of action.


  • Speed: 0 – 1100 stitches/min
  • Pile height: 25-60 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Both cut and loop.
  • For the compressor you need:
  • Air pressure:
  • ≥ 7 bar 
  • 160 L/min


  • The gun comes with a connector that fits most European hoses. It also comes with a part to change the connector on your hose if that would not fit. 
  • A set of pliers
  • 9 sets for different pileheights (one is installed on the gun)
  • A US plug (works with a travel adapter)
  • Set of allen wrenches
  • A loop pile "blade" 
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